Other Considerations

Do you want to play a lever or pedal harp? Most new students prefer to begin playing on a lever model. If you’ve already begun lessons, ask your teacher for their expert advice. When choosing a specific model or style, make sure you feel comfortable playing any note on the instrument.


Choose an instrument from a company with an established track record of building quality instruments that stand the test of time. Your harp should not only look beautiful, but withstand the rigors of practice and performance.


A good harp will be made with the finest materials available by master craftsmen. You should not hear any mechanical sounds such as clicks or buzzes from the action, pedals or levers as you play the harp. Look for a manufacturer with an excellent reputation.


Think about your personal preferences. Harps come in a variety of styles – some are traditional and some modern. There are a variety of finishes or colors and woodworking features from which to choose.

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